5 Tips for Creating a Great Logo

A strong logo is the hallmark of a great organization. The Nike swoosh, the McDonald’s golden arches, and the Starbucks siren are just a few iconic logos that come to mind. They are simple, instantly identifiable, and stand the test of time.

If you have ever gone through the process of designing a logo, you know it is not easy. However, working with a talented design team can help you navigate some of the common pitfalls. Here are five tips from our team for creating a great logo.

  1. Keep It Simple

When it comes to logos, less is definitely more. Simple shapes and a maximum of three colors is ideal. Complex, “busy” logos often don’t translate well in print or on social media platforms, especially when viewed on smaller devices.

  1. Understand Your Audience — and Your Competition

If you work in a conservative industry, hot pink is probably not the best color for a logo. However, blue — which is generally viewed as a conservative color because of its wide appeal — also might not be ideal if all your competitors are using it. The goal is to stand out from your competition but also remain true to your audience.

  1. Know the Name of Your Company

Sounds ridiculous, right? Of course, everyone knows the name of their company. Or do they? Several years ago, we worked with a client that referred to its company name three different ways! Before you embark on a new logo, make an executive decision about your company name, then stick with that decision. Consistency matters.

  1. Be Open to New Ideas

Organizations sometimes have preconceived ideas of what their logo should look like. However, it’s the design team’s responsibility to help a business see the possibilities. Feel free to give the design team some parameters, but don’t tie their hands behind their backs. You might be pleasantly surprised with what they come up with!

  1. Be Aware of Current Trends — But Don’t Be Unduly Influenced

Just because a certain color or font is in vogue doesn’t mean you need to do what everyone else is doing. Then again, if your logo hasn’t changed in 40 years, maybe it’s time for a new look.

Thinking about a new logo, or refreshing your current one? Give us a call and let us help you explore the possibilities.