I have worked with Karen for years. Her deep strategic mind and nose for news earns accolades for a reason. She gets the job done.

Ed Bodensiek, (former) Vice President of Communications and Brand, Select Medical & Founder, Cravety

I have had the honor and privilege of working with Karen over the past 20 years. I’ve continuously been impressed with her ability to strategically assess opportunities, develop compelling stories, and deliver results all while maintaining her poised and professional manner. She is truly exceptional!

Stacey May, Director, Public Outreach, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

I’ve worked with Karen for over a decade. Karen is smart, savvy, and serious about her work. She is also incredibly diplomatic and can skillfully smooth over tricky situations. And, Karen is just plain fun to work with!

Peter Inchauteguiz, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing & Communication,
American Institute of Physics