Overworked and Stretched Too Thin?

2021 budget

Budget planning for 2021 is in full swing. With all the uncertainties nowadays, one thing is certain: PR/communicators everywhere are overworked, especially this year.

In an informal survey we took of communicators in our network, the vast majority are working longer hours than they were pre-pandemic and are stretched too thin. Making matters worse, some communicators have lost staff but the workload, however, has not gone away. As they look ahead to 2021, many communications professionals are wondering how they are going to continue at their current pace and get everything done.

One solution is to hire a small, independent agency to fill in on an interim, project, or even an ongoing basis. These agencies are flexible and often comprised of seasoned senior practitioners who can ramp up quickly. Compared to mid-sized or large agencies — or even hiring a junior staff member  ― these boutique firms offer an economical solution to help provide much-needed support to you and your team.

So as you plan your 2021 budget, consider hiring an independent, boutique agency to help take some of the pressure off of you and your staff.

Never worked with an agency or concerned you don’t have the budget? Give us a call. You might be pleasantly surprised. And, regardless, a phone call is free! So what are you waiting for?