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Overworked and Stretched Too Thin?

2021 budget

Budget planning for 2021 is in full swing. With all the uncertainties nowadays, one thing is certain: PR/communicators everywhere are overworked, especially this year. In an informal survey we took of communicators in our network, the vast majority are working longer hours than they were pre-pandemic and are stretched too thin. Making matters worse, some […]

5 Tips for Creating a Great Logo

A strong logo is the hallmark of a great organization. The Nike swoosh, the McDonald’s golden arches, and the Starbucks siren are just a few iconic logos that come to mind. They are simple, instantly identifiable, and stand the test of time. If you have ever gone through the process of designing a logo, you […]

The ME Generation: A Personal Perspective


While millennials are known for being masters of digital communication, too often they are stereotyped as being entitled, lazy, extrinsically motivated job-hoppers because they want flexible work hours, constant feedback and advice, and speedy promotions. As a millennial who is getting ready to graduate and enter the workforce, these characteristics can be damaging and generalize […]