Eye on the Future: Workplace 2021

One of the positive outgrowths of 2020 has been the rise in online educational events. I recently listened to a session on “Predicting Trends for an Unpredictable 2021” hosted by Comm(s) Fest. The panel featured marketing experts who had some interesting observations and insight into what’s ahead in 2021 and beyond.

Here are 10 key takeaways that organizations should take into account when planning for 2021:

  • Purpose matters more now than ever before.
  • There is a resurgence in authenticity, which is being consumer-driven, especially by today’s younger generation.
  • Culture is co-opting brands, which is a 180-degree shift from the past where brands used to tap into the culture for visibility and traction.
  • Don’t discount radio and TV, which are still important in small, rural communities.
  • Old-school marketing techniques, like direct mail, are making a comeback.
  • People forget it was the older generations (aka Baby Boomers like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and others) who were the technology trailblazers. When considering technology adoption/usage, it’s more accurate to think of it in terms of access to technology, which spans the generations, vs. age.
  • Helping is the new selling.
  • Lifers at companies are gone; the future will be centered around the freelance and gig economy.
  • To attract and retain the best talent — especially younger employees ― companies need to show their commitment to corporate social responsibility, the environment, and cause marketing.
  • Post-pandemic, many employees may not be willing to go back to the office five days a week since the concept of “work from anywhere, anytime” has been shown to be successful.

You can listen to the entire session here: https://marketingcommunications.wvu.edu/industry-insights/marketing-communications-today-blog/2020/10/30/predicting-trends-for-an-unpredictable-2021.

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