Generation Z: My Take

Woman in front of a laptop computer and holding a cell phone

Some might stereotype Gen Zers as lazy young adults who are addicted to their phones and have little motivation for jobs in the real world. However, growing up as a Gen Zer, I was surrounded by incredible emerging technology, scientific breakthroughs, and a passion for work.

Generation Z is generally defined as those born between the mid-1990s (around 1995-1996) and the mid-2000s (around 2010-2012). The oldest of my generation is just now starting to enter the workforce. Some characteristics of my generation: we are independent, multicultural, and technologically advanced.

According to a Forbes article, Gen Z has an entrepreneurial and multitasking spirit that enables them to easily work on several tasks at once. Compared to Millennials, my generation is more focused on financial security and improving our skills; we want to be judged on our merit. By contrast, Millennials have a teamwork mindset, where the group goal is more important than individual growth.

As a member of Gen Z, I am constantly looking for ways to stand out and be the best I can be. When looking for an employer, it is important that I am compatible with them. Specifically, I want to have direct, open communication with my boss and one who is willing to help me grow and give me helpful tips and advice.

Since my generation is hardworking and ambitious, we do not mind constructive criticism. For me personally, constructive criticism motivates me to work harder and learn from my mistakes so I can excel in the future.

Gen Z stands out from previous generations because we need instant gratification or affirmation. With social media and smartphones being so pivotal in our lives growing up, we always have to have a reward or short-term goal in order to motivate us to work hard to reach our long-term goal.

My advice for employers looking to hire Generation Z interns or employees is to be open minded and not be intimidated by our knowledge of technology. Instead, let us use that knowledge to help you better understand and keep up to date with current trends in technology. We want to help! After all, each generation has a lot to offer in the workplace and that diversity makes work interesting and fulfilling.

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